Restart Command

kinukyasha asked for this feature 3 months ago — 4 comments

kinukyasha commented 3 months ago

hello I really liked the option for restart with the .die command on the old nadeko but didn't like the fact that only I could use was wondering if you could make a restart command I could set at server role and channel lvl mostly at role level but other just incase Would like if mods could restart it as I mostly use the music feature and it has problems of qing songs but not playing them every once in a while and has to be restarted

| Devaliah commented 2 months ago

Allowing a role to restart the bot will probably never be done. Tho i do agree it was a useful feature, nadeko completely closes now with the .die comand and needs to be manually restarted. Adding a restart command would be appreciated.

| xnaas commented about 2 months ago

Largest annoyance. Plox prioritize, @Kwoth. ;)

| anthonyrgib commented 7 days ago

Could just allow bot owners to restart

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