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LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Power Report - Gain per distance 1 So with the nice newly added Power Report window, I was wondering that we could have a "DPS/Life/ES/... gain per distance" sort option. So for example, if a notable gives me 10000 DPS and is at a 5 node distance, its gain per distance would be 10000 / 5 = 20000 DPS. In other words, this would tell us how much we gain per passive point.
LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Combined minions DPS 114 It'd be nice if we could see somewhere (left panel for example) the combined dps for all minions we have. Like (Zombie DPS * max zombie summoned) + (Skeletons DPS * max skeletons summoned) + ...


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about 1 year ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Sorting for the node power
over 1 year ago LocalIdentity/PathOfBuilding Combined minions DPS