[Value] Totems targeting this monster (Config)

ProsperJack asked for this feature 9 months ago — 2 comments

ProsperJack commented 9 months ago

Like my previous suggestion with brands, the same can apply to totems.

This box (min 1, no max) would add 100% increased cast speed and 100% increased attack speed for each value above 1. (Because Ranged Attack totems are a thing!) Value 1 would have no effect, Value 2 would add 100% increased speed, Value 3 would add 200% increased speed, etc.

The reason this is a cool suggestion, for example, if you have 6 Freezing Pulse totems, it would be nice to know how much your DPS can reach if all six of those totems were focusing the same target. This is especially useful in regard to Map Boss / Shaper Guardian calculations.

Like in my other example, the reason we're modifying cast / attack speed is because otherwise it would scale Ailments and on-hit degens like Decay Support.

| ppoelzl commented 7 months ago

Better to just add "combined totem dps" of all totems analogue to the proposed "combined minion dps"

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