Enemies killed explode dealing #% of their LIfe as Fire Damage (Item Skill)

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ProsperJack commented almost 2 years ago

Found on Unique items: Panquetzaliztli - Quecholli. Sometimes found on Shaper/Elder rares, though I've forgotten which.

In [Config] a box for Monster Total Life to determine the base damage.

In the DPS sidebar:

Monster Life: X

Kill Explosion Hit: Y

This can be coded as an Item-Enabled skill, such as Death Aura from Death's Oath.

| ProsperJack commented almost 2 years ago

It's worth noting that "Killed Explode" is scaled / behaves differently based on the verbage. Think: Abyssal Cry, Profane Bloom, Gratuitous Violence, Implicit Light-Radius Explosions from Synthesis league, etc.

Remember to research what scales the explosion correctly, since sometimes it isn't obvious which modifiers can and can't affect its scaling.

A very niche example is Panquetzaliztli equipped to an Animate Guardian with a character using Chains of Command. Any support gems placed inside the body armour can potentially scale Panquetzaliztli when it kills something and they explode. (Increasd Area, Ignite Proliferation, Elemental Focus, etc)

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