Custom character modifiers in the configuration tab

KoomZog asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 1 comment

KoomZog commented over 1 year ago

I propose to add a text box in the configuration tab. It would function like when you manually write mods when editing an item and could be used for things that are not in the current release. It can be ascendancy nodes that are not 100% supported (like Avatar of the Veil or Violent Retaliation), new support gems or many other things. People usually add things like that to flasks or other items, but having a way to add those mods to the character itself would be a lot better. That way, you can compare items without having to worry about your custom mods being disabled when you swap out the item you put those modifiers on. Custom mods would also be easier to find when they are in a standardized place, both for yourself and for someone that imports your build.

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