Correct attack speed for Molten Strike projectiles

NTGNTG asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 5 comments

NTGNTG commented almost 2 years ago

Currently, Molten Strike's projectiles have an attack speed value in PoB that's independent from the melee hit's attack speed - the in-game behaviour is that the projectiles are triggered as the result of a melee attack and should share the same attack speed as the melee hit. This means that skill gems like Multistrike (that increases melee attack speed) and Vicious Projectiles (decreases projectile attack speed) aren't correctly factored into the DPS value for Molten Strike's projectiles.

Quotae commented almost 2 years ago

PoB is working correctly, though. The projectile part of Molten Strike isn't a melee attack and shouldn't be affected by Multistrike's bonus to melee attack speed.

And anyway, with the way PoB has skills programmed, you can't make Multistrike support the projectiles without setting that whole part of the skill to be melee damage, which it definitely isn't. The entire skill of Molten Strike has the tag "AttackCanRepeat" and then the damage types are specified for each part. Multistrike is programmed to only provide melee attack speed, so the projectile part doesn't get the bonus because it's a projectile attack.

And finally and furthermore, the DPS calculations for the projectiles are worthless anyway, your DPS on this skill is significantly higher than it says. It will still show you relative increases to your DPS and can be compared with other people if you care for whatever reason. If you want a very slightly more accurate DPS number, just multiply your projectile average hit by your melee attack speed.

| NTGNTG commented almost 2 years ago

No, PoB is not working correctly - the projectiles are produced from swings of the melee attack and thus the projectile attack speed of Molten Strike is equal to the melee attack's speed. The projectiles don't appear independently with their own attack speed. The problem isn't something that should be changed with Multistrike, it's with Molten Strike, and the solution would be as simple as setting the projectile part of the attack to have the same attack speed as the melee part.

| AJWoodland commented over 1 year ago

This is an issue and exists for multiple skills (e.g. wild strike, lightning strike, smite if it was programmed correctly), molten strike is probably the most well known given people are primarily interested in scaling the proj damage though.

However it is not a simple fix. Pob sets the tags for the skill part and then runs the entire set of calculations from that, in order to fix it you need to be able to assign different tags for different parts of the calculation - in this case just the attack speed calculation. This would take a pretty fundamental rewrite of how pob handles skill tags.

That's a fairly fundamental rewrite of how skill tags are handled by the calculation system.

| AJWoodland commented over 1 year ago

Also, seen openARLs original response on the main fork https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/issues/241

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