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Voidstranger asked for this feature 9 months ago — 5 comments

Voidstranger commented 9 months ago

  • include pls Rampage support. Like Rage implementation with possibility to input Rampage counter manually.

  • Add feature to calculate Pride "dps" to enemy after 4 seconds affecting by Pride

  • Heavy strike double damage chance isn't counting "implicit" Heavy strike gem stat "20% to deal double damage"

ProsperJack commented 9 months ago

Thease are good suggestions, but would you add them as 3 seperate entries to the hub? Each bullet should be voted on / discussed seperatly, it's better development that way. Thanks. : )

LocalIdentity commented 7 months ago Admin

Rampage Added in

LocalIdentity commented 5 months ago Admin

Pride 4 second dps is set by selecting the pride skill gem in the skills dropdown list above the sidebar and setting to max effect. I’ll move it to the configs page though, as having it on the sidebar is annoying

LocalIdentity commented 5 months ago Admin

Also, heavy strikes double damage was added in the update at the end of 2019

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