Implement support for missing %damage taken/damage dealt mods

moozooh asked for this feature 8 months ago — 1 comment

moozooh commented 8 months ago

  1. Brinkmanship (passive notable) — "5% reduced Area Damage taken from Hits"
  2. Beacon of Ruin (Elementalist notable) and the corresponding Ascendant notable — "Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least n%" (should override lesser values)
  3. Destructive Apparatus and Volatile Mines — "Each Mine applies 2% [reduced damage dealt|increased damage taken] to Enemies near it, up to 10%"
  4. Sanctuary (Inquisitor notable) — "Consecrated Ground you create applies 10% increased Damage taken to Enemies"
  5. Withering Presence (Occultist notable) — "Nearby Hindered Enemies deal 15% reduced Damage over Time"
  6. Frigid Wake (Occultist notable) — "Nearby Chilled Enemies deal 10% reduced Damage with Hits"
  7. Opportunistic (Assassin notable) — "10% reduced Damage taken while there are at least two Rare or Unique Enemies nearby"
  8. Weave the Arcane (Trickster notable) — "6% reduced Damage taken for 4 seconds after Spending a total of 200 Mana"
  9. Ghost Dance (Trickster notable) — "2% reduced Damage taken per Ghost Shroud"
  10. Explosives expert — "8% reduced Area Damage taken from Hits"
  11. Fortify — increased effect when Dread Banner is planted
  12. The Unshattered Will (buff from the Harbinger of Focus) — 20% reduced Damage taken
  13. Shield corruption — "4-6% reduced [Area Damage taken from Hits|Damage taken from Projectiles]"
  14. Enfeeble — "Cursed [Normal or Magic|Rare or Unique] enemies deal n% less Damage"
  15. Sporeguard — "Enemies on your Fungal Ground deal 10% less Damage"
  16. Taunt — Taunted Enemies deal 10% less Damage to other targets
  17. Malediction — "10% reduced Damage dealt, 10% increased Damage taken"

That's all I remember; there might be some more.

Edit 20 Oct: Added Occultist notables and Malediction.

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