Expand accuracy/evasion statistics

moozooh asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 4 comments

moozooh commented almost 2 years ago

  1. Add "Chance to hit Evasive monsters" to the Calcs tab.
  2. Likewise with "Chance to evade Accurate monsters".

The game already has already had these stats displayed in the character info for a while. Not cool to have PoB of all things lag behind. :)

| tanis0 commented over 1 year ago

To add to this, PoB's granularity for accuracy is currently very high, using only integers. For example, you might have to add multiple nodes of dexterity or accuracy for the accuracy % calculation to change at all, and then it jumps by 1% which can be enough to make an over-large difference in DPS. I think Openarl's original intent was to discourage less experienced players from micromanaging accuracy when attacks were relatively slow, but the game is much faster now and relatively small accuracy changes can have measurable impacts on boss damage for fast-attacking builds.

NickRyder commented over 1 year ago

@tanis0 You might try your supposed accuracy optimizations in game before jumping to conclusions about tool developer intent. I do promise - you will be disappointed with the results though.

LocalIdentity commented over 1 year ago Admin

Added a bunch of evasion statistics in

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