Add enemy attack, cast, and movement speed debuffs to the Configuration tab and their effects to the Calcs tab

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moozooh commented almost 2 years ago

This is important to track for crowd-control builds that stack debuffs to enemy action/movement speed. Such debuffs include:

  1. Temporal Chains — all action speed (x% less, capped at 75%).
  2. Chill — all action speed (x% reduced, capped at 30%).
  3. Hinder — movement speed (x% reduced depending on the source).
  4. Maim — movement speed (30% reduced by default, VRoA applies 150% increased effect).
  5. Ground Tar — movement speed (50% reduced).
  6. Soul of Gruthkul — attack speed (8% reduced).
  7. Snare — movement speed (x% less depending on enemy rarity).

Note that The Flow Untethered (skill cast by Harbinger of Time) increases the action speed of monsters as well, partially negating the effect of TC/Chill. There is also Vine Snare, but it is only accessible randomly via Headhunter and related effects, so it doesn't need support. EDIT 2019/11/19: Will be a player ability via the Ensnaring Arrow skill in 3.9, so actually does warrant support. Added to the list.

Notably, it is currently possible to reduce movement speed to a point where most enemies don't even attack you because they can't finish the movement they started quickly enough. The main exception to this are bosses with "Cannot be fully slowed", for whom it is important to hit the 70% action speed they are limited to.

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