Add full support for item quality

moozooh asked for this feature 10 months ago — 2 comments

moozooh commented 10 months ago

  1. "+x% to Quality" affixes (both separate and hybrid) are currently unrecognized.
  2. Every time you want to change the implicit quality on the item (emulating the end result of a Perfect Fossil, Hillock's bench, or the 30% beastcraft), you have to edit it and manually change the value. Not convenient at all, considering many items are actually sensitive to this—particularly the unique weapons with high flat physical damage on them or armor pieces with high flat defenses. Also, there are cases where you actually want the quality to be 0%.

I propose changing quality into a slider that will default to 20% and will be limited to 0% on the lower end and the maximum attainable on the item on the upper end. The currently attainable maximums are:

  • 26% for flasks (any of them)
  • 30% for uniques (beastcrafted) except Paradoxica and The Queen's Hunger which can go up to 48%
  • 48% for rare weapons, helmets, gloves, and boots (30% implicit + 18% crafted mod)
  • 50% for rare body armors and shields (30% implicit + 20% Dense Fossil explicit)

LocalIdentity commented 7 months ago Admin

Added partial support for copying in items with more than 20% quality in

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