Dedicated Workarounds Box

Petethelich asked for this feature 3 months ago — 3 comments

Petethelich commented 3 months ago

Adding items with custom stats can be confusing and hard to keep track of (especially for people following guides) a dedicated box where you could manually add stats and other things without making items/jewels to give the effects.

This way it would be easy to see what custom modifiers are currently affecting things in a centralized spot that never moves/gets removed


moozooh commented 3 months ago

To be honest, the better solution would be to support these stats in the first place.

| Petethelich commented 3 months ago

Sure thats the ideal solution but until they add every modifier in the game. it'd be nice to have a custom properties box in a dedicated spot instead of hacking an item in via items that can get changed/duped/deleted by accident

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