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At the moment there are two buttons to affect implicits when editing an item in PoB: "Apply Enchantment..." and "Corrupt..." Enchanting an item with a natural implicit (e.g. Two-Toned Boots) removes the implicit, whereas corrupting an enchanted item removes the enchantment. This behavior is invalid as of PoE v3.6.0.

The game has two separate slots spaces for implicits: one for natural and Vaal implicits (text in dark blue) and one for enchantments and anointments (text in light blue). Under no circumstances the two slots override each other; the only possible exception to this is the 3.9 unique Hands of the High Templar which specifies a total maximum of 5 implicits which is expected to be shared among the slots.

  • Non-synthesized belts, non-synthesized jewels, and non-synthesized body armors (except Sporeguard) have a maximum of two implicits.
  • Synthesized gloves, synthesized boots, synthesized helmets, and Cowl of the Thermo/Cryo/Ceraunophile have a maximum of four implicits.
  • Hands of the High Templar is the only item with a maximum of five implicits.
  • All other items have a maximum of three implicits.

The proposal is to combine the two buttons into one, "Edit Implicit Modifiers..." which will open a dialogue to edit all the relevant options, for instance:

  • If the base/rarity combination is synthesizable: Item is synthesized (checkbox). If checked, enables three dropdown lists with eligible implicits (this is low-priority since the bases are Standard-only).
  • If the base/rarity combination is enchantable: Item is enchanted (checkbox). If checked, enables the regular enchantment dialogue; disables the "anointed" checkbox and overrides the anointment, if any is present.
  • If the base/rarity combination is anointable: Item is anointed (checkbox). If checked, enables a dropdown list of eligible notables to anoint; disables the "enchanted" checkbox and overrides the enchantment, if any is present.
  • All bases: Item is corrupted (checkbox). If checked, enables the regular corruption dialogue, overrides the top 1-2 eligible implicits, if any are present.

Special cases: Blight uniques, Hands of the High Templar. These will require individual tuning regarding the number of dialogues and how they override each other. Synthesized implicits (and the related checkbox) can be skipped if too much effort; they can't be produced anymore, and those that still exist on Standard leagues can be imported manually if need be.

Further info: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hands_of_the_High_Templar https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Blight_league#New_Unique_items

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