[Value] Brands attached to this monster (Config)

ProsperJack asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 3 comments

ProsperJack commented almost 2 years ago

A modifiable value box (like poison) in the Config menu with a minimum value of 1 and no maximum that adds 100% increased brand hit rate for each value above 1. This means with a value of 2, your activation rate is 100% increased, and with a value of 3, your rate is 200% increased, etc.

Additionally, it should affect the Hierophant node that increases monster damage taken based on how many brands are attached to them.

The reason this should NOT be coded as [ 100% more damage per X ] is because of interactions with ailments like Ignite and degen effects such as Decay Support. If you slapped a more multi on the Brands, it would scale those effects when it shouldn't be. This is why activation rate is the correct affix to tweak.

Storm Brand and Armageddon Brand have different activation rates (hit rates) so this value shouldn't be assumed and should be pulled directly from the gem.

When you attach multiple brands to an enemy, your are increasing the number of hits they take per second from brands, which will scale the DPS but not the Average Hit.

This is relevant to brand players who may be going critical strike and want to know how many criticals per second they are achieving (Surgeon prefix Flasks care about this info)

It's also relevant to lightning-to-cold converted hits for how much they can potentially freeze, as freeze scales with Average Hit. It should be clear to brand players that increasing the brand limit won't make your freezing better, only your DPS.

Current Blight League maximum is 2 Brands Attached with Runebinder keystone. This could increase in the futuer, so I would like it to be a [+] and [-] incremental option similar to poison.

| RinCamelia commented almost 2 years ago

Alternate implementation suggestion: provide the ability to pick a number of brands attached-and-hitting, and not-attached-and-hitting. A bit more complex, but brands have AoE and Storm Brand has more damage to its attached target but Armageddon Brand does not. In any case, some brands can be AoEing a target while others are attached (several rares, mob pack on a boss, etc.) , and having the specificity of which is which would be ideal.

| ProsperJack commented almost 2 years ago

@Rin I see what you mean, good point. I don't think it'll benefit Storm Brand that much because I thought GGG nerfed the bug / feature where Storm Brand AoE could overlap for insane burst such as through Brand Recall.

In the DPS side bar we could instead have:

Attached DPS = X

Area DPS = Y

and have those scaled with two Config options: Number attached and Number overlapping. The main difference being Storm Brand Attached is going to get its gem-provided multiplier.

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