Implement support for triggered attacks and spells

moozooh asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 9 comments

moozooh commented almost 2 years ago

Right now there is virtually no support for these, so even calculations that specifically apply to triggered spells/attacks don't apply (e.g. Mjolner's +100% spell damage to triggered spells or Discharge's trigger penalty).

Optimally, the DPS of skills that trigger other skills should be broken down into trigger DPS and combined payload DPS, so that you could optimize for the payload DPS in particular (not DPS of particular skills in the payload).

Extra caution should be exercised with respect to the interaction of cooldowns and the server tick rate as it is the primary determinant of the payload proc speed.

Jackalope-Gaming commented over 1 year ago

Additionally, the trigger rate / cooldown times aren't respected in PoB right now. If I'm using Vengeance then PoB will still say attack speed boosts my damage when it plainly doesn't because there's a hard cooldown time. On the tree I can thankfully sort for Average Hit to find my best nodes in that case, but it's still quite clunky.

ephankim commented over 1 year ago

There is a Skill cooldown calculation shown in the triggered skill Calc tab but the Attack/Cast rate is just plain wrong: it should be taken from the speed of the triggering skill.

LocalIdentity commented about 1 year ago Admin

Support for CwC and Arcanist Brand triggers added in

| rberovskis commented 12 months ago

Would this also include curse rings that have triggered curses on hit?

| Pyromancer404 commented 7 months ago

When a spell is linked with cast on crit support, the cast time parameter should be overriden with a calculated trigger rate

Trigger rate: Linked attack's attack speed * Linked attack's crit chance * Linked attack's hit chance

Trigger rate also needs to be capped depending on the player's increased cooldown recovery speed (ICRS) 0% ICRS -> maximum of 6,06 triggers 14%+ ICRS -> maximum of 7,57 triggers 52%+ ICRS -> maximum of 10,1 triggers

all of this would help tremendously to calculate true DPS for cast on crit builds, and see the true impacts of attack speed, attack crit, accuracy and cooldown recovery speed on DPS.

| Pyromancer404 commented 7 months ago

Reposting because i failed the formatting above. Sorry for the spam.

0% ICRS -> maximum of 6,06 triggers

14%+ ICRS -> maximum of 7,57 triggers

52%+ ICRS -> maximum of 10,1 triggers

| jedahan commented 7 months ago

Looks like https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/pull/2204 might be what we are looking for?

LocalIdentity commented 5 months ago Admin

Added in 2.0

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