Increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems per summoned Golem

ProsperJack asked for this feature 15 days ago — 4 comments

ProsperJack commented 15 days ago

The Witch Elementalist nodes currently do not work.

A way to implement this:

Check the minion limit for each golem skill gem, use the highest of those checked to determine the scaling.

| tzmx commented 14 days ago

Just wanted to add that this would be so nice to have since elementalist with golems currently is the way to play ANY skill, because of the crazy scaling of this golem dmg buff.

| Quotae commented 13 days ago

Not LocalIdentity, but I implemented it, so hopefully it will be in soon. I added support for the Elementalist mods and also the Golem Commander's 20% increased damage while you have a summoned golem. I did it through a config option, though, which is not as clean as it could be. The problem with OP's solution is that you can't use your Golem limit to do anything to the player, because Golem limit is coded as a mod on your golems, not you. I don't think there's a way to use minion mods to affect the player like this, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, here's a commit which shows the changes I made(just in ModParser and ConfigOptions): https://github.com/Quotae/PathOfBuilding/commit/953804dc2e394e85b1ebd2710416bc17a65067f5

| Quotae commented 13 days ago

Woops, my bad, this is a better commit. I realized that the Golem Damage from the Elemancer node wasn't actually working. All fixed! https://github.com/Quotae/PathOfBuilding/commit/fbba57463b3f2441359a8957d571ab4530d501c9

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