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Maybeonemore asked for this feature 7 months ago — 3 comments

Maybeonemore commented 7 months ago

While there are limitless possibilities to compare Builds in the DPS department we are lacking a way to easily compare defense. Of course you can compare HP or ES but that is not telling the whole story as there different ways of damage mitigation. On the calcs Tab, there already is extensive Info provided for defense it is just lacking a formula that combines all that data into one number (Possibly for each element/Physical). Therefore I would suggest an effective Hitpoint calculator.

Thank you for your amazing work so far.

Ixalion commented 5 months ago

As the question that eHP tries to answer is "Will I die" I'm not sure that giving a single number will really add much clarity / be useful. E.g. the numbers I tend to look at while planning a build are: whats the largest single hit I can take (Life+ES+MoM+mitigation); how frequently can I take such a hit (regen, leech, evasion, dodge, etc); how long can I survive continual damage (degen, continual small hits, etc) as well as what level of continual damage I can take perpetually.

I'm not sure if there would be a good algorithm that would give a meaningful response that wouldn't be misleading or result in people trying to minmax the wrong things. (It seems that there would be far to many numbers for it to be useful, or only a small set of numbers that don't really have much meaning)

Just my 2 cents, and thank you all for your continual work on this amazing program.

LocalIdentity commented 22 days ago Admin

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