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battledone asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 2 comments

battledone commented almost 2 years ago

A lot of builds are able to reach huge avg DPS numbers, especially if they are given infinite time. (Viper Strike xd) But what really matters is killing monsters quickly and making most out of opportunity times to DPS.
I propose a customizeable Burst DPS bar. The purpose of which is to see how much damage a skill is able to output in an X amount of time.
Example of use: I have an ignite build and need help deciding if I should invest in cast speed or more damage. Cast speed will have miniscule impact on the Total DPS number while significant impact on actual burst DPS. Say the ignite DPS is 1mil and cast speed is 0.6. I can either opt for a cast speed cluster or burn damage cluster, one making my cast speed 0.5, other making the burn 1.2 mil. Burst DPS timer is set to 1 second, so it would show 500k for the cast speed variant and 480k for for the other. This is due to time to cast being factored and in cast speed's case beign able to start damaging sooner leads to more damage done in the first second of engagement.
This would be really useful in judging skills with delayed damage/effects.

| moozooh commented almost 2 years ago

Interesting idea.

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