15 Unique Timeless Jewels (Items > Uniques)

ProsperJack asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 8 comments

ProsperJack commented almost 2 years ago

Note, this is meant to act as a starting point for community developers to begin implementing the timeless jewel keystones at a later date.

Note, these are not the actual names of the jewels, as the dedication names are a rollable affix on the jewels. It's meant to be a starting point, for example, if a player adds "Cadiro's Elegant Hubris" timeless jewel to their build, so that they'll know it gives them access to the Supreme Decadence keystone.

Once the related jewel is put into a jewel socket, a [/] checkbox should appear in [Config] that has the name of its Keystone. Clicking the checkbox will then spend a skill point and give you the effect of its keystone. This is a optimal solution to build makers so they can, for example, see their skill points reduced without having to allocate Minion Instability, Avatar of Fire, etc.

Cadiro's Elegant Hubris, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Supreme Decadence)

Victario's Elegant Hubris, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Supreme Grandstanding)

Chitus' Elegant Hubris, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Supreme Ego)

Kaom's Lethal Pride, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Strength of Blood)

Rakiata's Lethal Pride, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Tempered by War)

Kiloava's Lethal Pride, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Glancing Blows)

Deshret's Brutal Restraint, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Wind Dancer)

Asenath's Brutal Restraint, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Dance with Death)

Nasima's Brutal Restraint, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Second Sight)

Venarius' Militant Faith, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: The Agnostic)

Dominus' Militant Faith, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Inner Conviction)

Avarius' Militant Faith, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Power of Purpose)

Xibaqua's Glorious Vanity, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Divine Flesh)

Zerphi's Glorious Vanity, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Eternal Youth)

Doryani's Glorious Vanity, Timeless Jewel (Keystone: Corrupted Soul)

| Petethelich commented almost 2 years ago

Id also like to see the timeless jewels give the standard buffs to nodes in radius like the karui give +2 and +4 strength to allocated nodes in radius

Eternal replace things with price of glory in range ect

youd have to manually input other things but at least the effects would be partially supported

rocketmantis commented almost 2 years ago

Maybe the system for amulet anoints can be used for this -- if the Timeless nodes are added to the tree near the keystones they replace, having the jewel socketed and active could then activate the node the way anoints do.

| ppoelzl commented almost 2 years ago

That's not how it works.

| ppoelzl commented over 1 year ago

I've implemented partial support for timeless jewels: the "standard buffs" and eternal removes everything but keystones. Also added each jewel's 3 different variants. Still waiting on some other features to add proper support for the keystones though.

| scottord commented over 1 year ago

Great work on the partial support! As of the June 2020 "Harvest" release, some of the keystones have been made available to the passive tree without the unique jewels, which may affect the priority of this request.

| ppoelzl commented 12 months ago

Full support for timeless jewels added in

LocalIdentity commented 12 months ago Admin

Added in

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