Different font selection for Notes tab?

BlackHawX1996 asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 4 comments

BlackHawX1996 commented about 1 year ago

Im someone that likes to keep as much info in one place as possible, usually by adding tables. Would it be possible to get ANSI as selectable encoding, where its easier to space out characters to form tables?

Edit: Different encoding was a bad choice of words, meant a mono-spaced font

| ppoelzl commented about 1 year ago

UTF-8 only is the way, different encodings just lead to problems.

moozooh commented about 1 year ago

Wouldn't it be easier to just make the Notes font monospaced and keep the UTF encoding? Doing tables via a different encoding just seems like the entirely wrong solution to a reasonable request.

| BlackHawX1996 commented about 1 year ago

Bad choice of words, editted

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