Effective DPS when using culling effects

KoomZog asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 6 comments

KoomZog commented about 1 year ago

I'd like to see the effect of culling strike reflected in total DPS.

Having regular 10% culling strike from Culling Strike Support or any other source is an effective ~11% more damage ( 1 / 0.9 ). Having the Slayer ascendancy 20% cull is an effective 25% more damage ( 1 / 0.8 ).

I'm aware that the actual DPS is not changed (and therefore leech etc also isn't), but most people are probably more interested in how one build's DPS compares to another. A build with 1 million Shaper DPS with Slayer culling currently seems just as effective at killing Shaper as a 1 million Shaper DPS build without culling even though the first one does it in 80% of the time.

This could of course be made optional via a checkbox in the configuration tab or similar if that seems appropriate.

| moozooh commented about 1 year ago

Do note that it's not a straight up (1/[1-{cullpercentage/100}]), but rather dependent on the magnitude of your per-hit damage: the bigger it is, the bigger the overkill into the "cull zone", so effective DPS should take that into account. I'm not good enough at math to write out the actual formula for this myself, though.

| KoomZog commented about 1 year ago

How is that any different than wasting part of a hit when killing a monster at 0% hp? The only difference is that the "overkill zone" starts at 20% of enemy hp instead of 0%.

| moozooh commented about 1 year ago

The difference is that when a monster reaches 0% HP, it just dies, but when a monster reaches 10%/20% HP with a cull effect incoming, it's the next hit that will be the lethal one. It will not automatically die when the hit takes its HP into the cull zone. So making it a straight 11%/25% more multiplier is somewhat misleading.

| KoomZog commented about 1 year ago

From the wiki: "A hit with culling strike will kill an enemy if it is still alive with 10% of maximum life or less after the hit. This occurs instantly; there is no delay between the enemy taking damage from the hit and being killed by culling strike. "

It sounds as if culling strike does kill the enemy with the same hit that reduced it to below the culling threshold. The wiki might be wrong, or I might be misinterpreting it.

| KoomZog commented about 1 year ago

If the wiki is correct, a hit that reduces the enemy hp to or below the culling threshold behaves exactly like a regular hit that reduces the enemy hp to 0.

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