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Tautulli/Tautulli NOTIFICATION AGENTS - Quick Enable/Disable at the top level 0 From the Notification Agents screen (settings#tab_tabs-notification_agentssettings#tab_tabs-notification_agents_ ... next to the 'gear' button to quickly enable/disable an Agent. Would help greatly when testing and/or creating new but not yet done.
Tautulli/Tautulli NOTIFICATION AGENTS - Rename / Custom Name -1 Rename / Custom name for each.Easier to remember what's what vs "MQTT (1)" , "MQTT (8)", etc
Tautulli/Tautulli MQTT Notifications - allow sending raw JSON, multi data payloads 1 Please allow JSON syntax to be used in payloads, at least Message Body, Currently you format the fields and send a a single string. I've had to hack the format to get multiple sets of data to be sent. It works, but it required very non-standard parsing on the receiving client-end. If you provided an option send a raw, and just making the variable substitutions inside the {}, the user can send standard JSON syntax w/ multiple sets of data. Allow the user to determine the format. If we use MQTT, there is no need to spoonfeed us a pre-formatted method, that only sends a little data Here's an example... "topic": "Plex_Office","MediaType":"{media_type}","Action":"{action}","MediaTitle":"{title}","User":"{user}","IPAddressofClient":"{ip_address}" thank you
Tautulli/Tautulli Onscreen Notifications to Clients 0 Many Plex users want the ability to easily send an Onscreen notification to Clients (some or all at the same time). Many for different reasons... home automation, family notifications, updates, maintenance, etc If you could leverage ways simular yto your Notifications with MQTT & Webhooks we could send Tautulli messages from IFTTT,Home Automation systems, etc... then Tautulli could send to Plex to display those on the appropriate client screens. Kodi's had the feature using a simple Web URL / JSON for over 8 years, and Emby has it too. Tautulli team... you guys have built some fantastic software. Please help the huge number of people (over 750 votes) that the Plex team is insulting having ignored then for over 8 years on this request. I know you care about the community. It shows in what you've built into Tautulli. Please continue to show the Plex team that user needs matter thanks for what you do! Here's the 8 year old plex thread...
Tautulli/Tautulli Sync watched status across Users 0 I'd like to sync the watched status between users, per library. I split the content up by parent / kid even for TV and Movies... so if we watch a TV show under one profile, I'd like to have the status sync to the other profiles. thank you


Project Feature Comment When
Radarr/Radarr Support ISO and BDMV/TS_VIDEO structures @galli-leo ISOs still not supported? Standard was ratified in the late 80s BDMV still not supported? Standard was ratified in 2002 Both of these are in WIDE use! about 1 year ago
Radarr/Radarr Support ISO and BDMV/TS_VIDEO structures bumping this... sad the devs are ignoring this. I'm not sure why they dont care to support these decades old standards. about 2 years ago


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3 months ago Tautulli/Tautulli Trakt Scrobbling
7 months ago Tautulli/Tautulli Allow parameters in MQTT agent topic
about 1 year ago Radarr/Radarr Support ISO and BDMV/TS_VIDEO structures