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Project Feature Score Description
Anuken/Mindustry Basic guide for the more complex blocks 1 Mainly things like the Diode, as it is one thing that noone can tell me the usefull function of.
Anuken/Mindustry Making Lancers track their target while charging 1 I have had so many times that the decently strong Lancer was useless due to enemies being just fast enough to avoid the charged shot. The turret is great to back arcs in a front line defense, but doing damage to passing enemies is a lot harder.


Project Feature Comment When
Anuken/Mindustry ai can build Phantoms. These exist. Just use one of those. Slow, and only a single one, so it would require players to keep up the pressure. 4 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry Ability to set location for units on map Thing is, this isn't meant to be an rts game. I could see something similar being useful, though. 4 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry a Official page for mods Doesn't this already exist? It should be pinned in the discord developement channels somewhere.... 4 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry firefighting drones jaygamer81, I have lost entire games to fires. All it takes is all your focus going into a boss fight or something, and their goes your everything. 4 months ago
Anuken/Mindustry Show ship health This would help immensely, but perhaps as an optional thing? It's hard to tell between maps in multiplayer how close a player is to destroying your ship or you theirs, as the light seems to function off of percentage of hp rather than hard numbers. I dunno though. 4 months ago


Vote When Project Feature
4 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Ability to set location for units on map
4 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Electric Anti-Air Turret
4 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Schematics Remember Power Node & Bridge Connections
4 months ago Anuken/Mindustry [Encapsulator] & [Decapsulator] - Convert liquids to items and back
4 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Excavators; for maps with no sand OR scrap.