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Fourdee/DietPi Lightweight justice for your single-board computer. 33 132

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Bazarr 3 Manage and download subtitles, companion to Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, etc. GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2045
Fourdee/DietPi Software | shellinabox 2 Web based terminal emulator GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1967
Fourdee/DietPi Image | Hyper-V 2 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/804
Fourdee/DietPi Software | crelay 0 Controlling different relay cards for home automation with a Linux software GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1091
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Snapcast 2 Synchronous multi-room audio player GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2244
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Medusa 2 Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2239 GitHub pull request: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/pull/2369
Fourdee/DietPi Software | i3 window manager 5 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2252
Fourdee/DietPi Software | tinyMediaManager 1 A multi-OS media managment tool GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2019
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Etherpad 1 Real-time collaborative document editing GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2342
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Rocket.Chat 2 Open source WebChat platform GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1902
Fourdee/DietPi Software | LXQt 1 Modern Qt-based desktop environment GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1918
Fourdee/DietPi Software | SpigotMC Minecraft server -1 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2082
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Minetest -1 An open source voxel game engine GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2251
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Greg 0 A command-line podcast aggregator GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2183
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Bitcoin node 0 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1813
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Mycroft AI 19 Open source voice assistant GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1701
Fourdee/DietPi Feature | Node.js: Allow and manage different versions concurrently 1 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2226
Fourdee/DietPi Image | Limbo WM (for Android) 1 QEMU-based PC emulator, which runs e.g. on Android DietPi forum: https://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5353 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2372
Fourdee/DietPi Software | IQaudIO Cosmic Controller 0 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1463
Fourdee/DietPi Software | WireGuard 9 Lightweight modern in-kernel VPN server GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2052
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Seafile 3 File sync and share platform GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1971
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Open-iSCSI 2 iSCSI initiator GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2157
Fourdee/DietPi Software | acme.sh 2 Lightweight LetsEncrypt certificate generation GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2363
Fourdee/DietPi Feature | Allow to turn first DHCP assigned IP into static IP 3 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1674
Fourdee/DietPi Software | upmpdcli 2 An UPnP front-end to MPD, the Music Player Daemon GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2245
Fourdee/DietPi Image | NanoPi NEO4 3 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2260
Fourdee/DietPi Software | X2Go 1 Remote desktop solution GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1838
Fourdee/DietPi Software | ZNC 0 IRC bouncer GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1975
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Steam Link 3 Extend your Steam gaming experience to your phone, tablet, or TV over your local network GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2320
Fourdee/DietPi Image | NanoPi M4 5 GitHub issue: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/2399


Project Feature Comment When
Fourdee/DietPi Software | WireGuard PR up for review and testing: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/pull/2398 14 days ago
Fourdee/DietPi Software | Medusa Medusa has been integrated for v6.20 as replacement for SickRage, due to their recent dev and naming turbulencia. Since Medusa is an older fork of SickRage, it will work similarly. I will close this request/mark as completed. 17 days ago
Fourdee/DietPi Kernel | Raid support @rancent2017 For which SBC, Raspberry Pi? 23 days ago


Vote When Project Feature
26 days ago Fourdee/DietPi Software | Medusa
26 days ago Fourdee/DietPi Software | WireGuard