Software | Libgpiod (Updated GPIO API, replaces sysfs, WiringPi, etc.)

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WebMaka commented 11 months ago

Since sysfs is deprecated and going away in 2020 from Kernel 4.6+, and the author of WiringPi has reached "fed up" with idiots giving a hard time for someone else's screwups and deciding to deprecate the project as well, we're all going to have to migrate to a new API if we use the GPIO ports on our SBCs. The new one that has come to Linux is "libgpiod," which encapsulates newly added Kernel-level hardware GPIO access methods into a much more programmatically friendly API.

As of this writing, libgpiod is already available as a Debian Buster package for pretty much all supported architectures, but is not available at all (as either main or backport) for Debian Stretch. Since DietPi's current release (6.25) is Stretch, there's no package available. So, this feature will basically come along on its own once DietPi gets an update to Buster. (Cycle between "no rush!" and "please hurry!" here.)

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