Feature | Dietpi-NordVPN: randomly connect to different server on a user settable time interval and reconnect to server from preselected list on connection loss

GvY85 asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 1 comment

GvY85 commented over 1 year ago

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe: When using Dietpi-NordVPN you can only select one server and you have to stick with that one unless you manually run Dietpi-NordVPN again and select a different server.

Describe the solution you'd like: For me it would be great if you could select a range of servers from the list and set an interval so that it connects randomly to one of them at a set interval (reboot/1h/1d/etc). I like to change servers once in a while for more anonimity and now the only way to do it is manually. Next step could be that Dietpi-NordVPN automatically selects a new server if the current one is/gets down and/or test the servers initially selected to see if they are up before connecting.

Describe alternatives you've considered: Curently i am using a script that randomly selects a .ovpn file from the DietPi-NordVPN directory and copies it to a new file name "my random server.ovpn". I call this script every ones in a while with Cron and select "my random server.opvn" in the serverlist of DietPi-NordVPN to connect to. Then I reboot my server once a week so at reboot i have a new random server to connect to. This is all very hacked together and not really nice. Would be much nicer to have it integrated intp DietPi.


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