Feature | NanoPi Neo2 (Black) Overclocked frequency in Dietpi config

Jedrusia asked for this feature 3 months ago — 1 comment

Jedrusia commented 3 months ago

Hello. He is immensely impressed by how the DietPi system works. I have this system installed on two of my devices: NanoPi Zero (ZeroPi) and NanoPi Neo2 Black. In the firmware options ZeroPi it is possible to overclock up to 1.3GHz. This option is not available in the NanoPi Neo 2 firmware. I'd like to add the overclockingo option to a frequency of at least 1.4GHz. I know that NanoPi Neo2 was available in several hardware versions (v 1.0; v. 1.1) In version 1.1. and the black version have the option of increasing the supply voltage from 1.1 to 1.3V, which should be enough to increase the frequency steadily. Unofficially, armbian firmware has support up to 1.3GHz. Maybe you can introduce such a profile in the DietPI firmware? I think the 1.4 GHz profile will be fine, although I have read that some have run NanoPi Neo2 on 1.5GHz without any problems. Thank you again for a great product - DietPi.

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