Kernel | RAID support

rancent2017 asked for this feature 6 months ago — 5 comments

rancent2017 commented 6 months ago

The dietpi kernel does not support Riad, that me had to use armbian. please add raid into the kernel, after that is perfect . thanks.

MichaIng commented 6 months ago Admin

@rancent2017 For which SBC, Raspberry Pi?

| rancent2017 commented 5 months ago

sorry,I am too late, I’m using NanoPi NEO2 and Raspberry Pi recently , I try to recompile the kernel, but it didn't work.

| lwqcz commented 4 months ago

Raid like mdadm SW RAID?

| rancent2017 commented 4 months ago

Yes, achieve speed close to USB 3.0 through three USB 2.0.

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