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cbestard asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 11 comments

cbestard commented over 1 year ago

| buzzra commented about 1 year ago

Neither Emby or Plex are open source anymore. Jellyfin is open source.

| Millichrome commented 11 months ago

Would be great to have a fully open source media server!

| DutchFlash commented 9 months ago

This would be nice..

| topdollar3 commented 8 months ago

i second this, jellyfin is a solid open source plex alternative

| kiskoafa commented 6 months ago

I look forward to incorporating it

| Heten-Daiya commented 5 months ago

I need this too, please add it. Moreover its completely Open Source.

| majorkuso commented about 2 months ago

please add

| thecarlosv commented about 1 month ago


| Guido83 commented about 1 month ago

that would be great. jellyfin over emby

| MattL0 commented 1 day ago


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