Feature | E-Mail notifier for system events

Gill-Bates asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 4 comments

Gill-Bates commented over 2 years ago

Storing SMTP-Credentials will enable DietPi to send events by Email. Like Disk corrupt, CPU hot, unexpected reboot, etc...

| muibusan commented over 2 years ago

If it possible to store them hashed/encrypted only on the device, I'd favour this feature, too. Active alerting is sometimes handier than passive monitoring.

| underwoodblog commented about 2 years ago

I'm doing this with Node-Red and Graphana. Shows CPU-Load, Temp on a web-page and Graphana can send alerts if a value is out of defined range.

| notDavid commented about 2 years ago

Please consider adding https://pushover.net/ as well, as an alternative to e-mail...

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