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ruyoconodosor asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 3 comments

ruyoconodosor commented almost 2 years ago

Open-Source VPN daemon that uses tunnelling and encryption to create a secure private network between hosts on the Internet https://www.tinc-vpn.org/

muibusan commented over 1 year ago

What are the advantages of tinc VPN compared to than PiVPN (OpenVPN) and Wireguard?

MichaIng commented 13 days ago Admin

It is a decentralised VPN implementation, hence not server-clients model but equal peers in a network that do not even need to be able to connect each to each.

My largest concerns in any case is that the last release is from 2019. There is a newer branch, but nearly no activity on it: https://github.com/gsliepen/tinc/commits/1.1

Generally I would like to support alternatives to the two big VPN implementations (OpenVPN and WireGuard), but exactly because those two are used so widely, they are very reliable and secure (in turns of quickly addressed CVEs). Any other implementation must at least show active development to make it worth IMO, as when using a VPN, one inherently assumes this being the most secure way to connect networks.

It's available as Debian package as well: https://packages.debian.org/buster/tinc

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