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mzramna asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 3 comments

mzramna commented over 1 year ago

once it has the oficial image,so it coud have it back

dirtyharrywk commented about 1 year ago

MichaIng commented 10 months ago Admin

Creating images for OrangePi and BananaPi SBCs is currently out of scope. As long as there is noone who wants to do and take care of that in long-term, as part of the team, this will not change. I hence mark this request as closed.

Our Image preparation script can be used to turn any Debian image into DietPi: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/blob/master/PREP_SYSTEM_FOR_DIETPI.sh

If any issues are faced, we will address them to make the script work as generic as possible.

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