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Radarr/Radarr Automatic Purge of Download(s) After X Days and Re-Search for Release(s) 0 If Radarr finds a release for something in my list and adds it to my download client, it should be able to also put a limit on how long that download has to complete. Basically, finish the download in a certain time frame or move on to the next. 1. Search 2. Locate release 3. Add release to client, store date/time release download started, and monitor download. 4. If release reaches X days in age without completing, add release to blacklist, purge release from client, and go back to 1.
tidusjar/Ombi Allow for use of multiples of each notification type 1 I'd like to use more than one email address for different types of notifications. For example, I'd like to use issues@mydomain.com for issues, requests@mydomain.com for requests, newsletter@mydomain.com for newsletters, etc. Once I started thinking about it, I figured it would be nice to incorporate a kind of drop-in system for notifications instead of statically assigned notifications/methods. Basically, revamp the notification system so that clean install is blank - none configured. You can add notifications by clicking a button, selecting the type of notification (email, push service, etc.) each having its own configuration. The functionality is already there, it just needs to be modified to allow for dynamic notifications instead of the predefined ones. Thanks!


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4 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Autoclose POPUP PLEX
4 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Allow for use of multiples of each notification type
4 months ago formulahendry/955.WLB 客路 (klook.com) @ 深圳
4 months ago Radarr/Radarr Allow search within sub folders such as collections