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MitchMilam/CircleFrame 0 0
MitchMilam/TeachingTuesdays Project to hold requests for my Teaching on Tuesdays Webinar series 6 11

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
MitchMilam/TeachingTuesdays Share ideas or real life examples of interesting CRM extensions, add-ons, implementations 1
feathub/feathub Delete project 17 User should be able to remove a link to a project.
MitchMilam/TeachingTuesdays Dynamics CRM Team development best practices 1
MitchMilam/TeachingTuesdays Dynamics CRM Plug-Ins 1
MitchMilam/TeachingTuesdays Xamarin Forms development 3
MitchMilam/TeachingTuesdays Connecting to CRM from: 1) C# console app 2) External JavaScript app 3
MitchMilam/TeachingTuesdays Dynamics CRM JavaScript 1
feathub/feathub Set the initial vote count when creating a new request 1 For the owner only, it would be good to set the initial vote count. I moved over from the Google Moderator site and have no way (that I can find anyway), to move the number of votes from that site to FeatHub.


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over 6 years ago feathub/feathub Delete feature