Automatic unmonitoring at Cutoff-Quality

mcboss86 asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 5 comments

mcboss86 commented almost 4 years ago

I propose a simillar feature as CP has it. Define a so called cutoff-quality (e.g. BluRay 1080p). If Radarr has imported the movie in this set quality it should automatically set the movie to unmonitored.

fryfrog commented almost 4 years ago


| nealej81 commented almost 4 years ago

I'm not him. But it would allow me to delete local movies after I've uploaded them to the cloud.

| Qwatuz commented about 3 years ago

This would be amazing. I see radarr downloading dupes and this could be avoided if it unmonitors movies once the cutoff is reached.

| j2m2 commented over 2 years ago

Now, I have DVD in the profile, the movie is recognised as DVD, but it is still being monitored. This feature and other to accept all qualities in the profile will be awesome.

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