Scene and P2P group suggestions/ranking

simonk83 asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 6 comments

simonk83 commented about 4 years ago

We were talking in chat and thought it would be really handy to integrate some sort of ranking or suggestions for scene groups.

Eg: Sparks - usually quick but middling quality Hdmaniacs - Generally larger file sizes and good quality Etc

Give people a little guide to help with eventual integration with a preferred words list or something similar.

Would take a little maintaining, and not sure if there's a similar listing somewhere on the net (probably).

hotio commented about 4 years ago

How does this differ from http://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+2 ?

hotio commented about 4 years ago

Never mind, this is more of a scene name scoring list maintained by the community?

| simonk83 commented about 4 years ago

Yep hotio, pretty much.

Was thinking about this yesterday, could almost have a bit of a ranking list, pretty much exactly the same as how we choose quality profiles at the moment . Drag and drop groups to your preferred order and it prioritises those groups in that order.

| simonk83 commented about 4 years ago

Excuse the shitty mockup:


| Quiksmage commented almost 4 years ago

I like where Simonk83's image is heading. That would be great, but I think would be a chore to add to every time a new group shows up. +1 regardless

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