Support ISO and BDMV/TS_VIDEO structures

pdf asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 8 comments

pdf commented over 2 years ago

Currently Radarr does not recognise ISO files, or BDMV/TS_VIDEO structures. I realize these create slightly more complication in determining codecs, but it would be nice to see this handled correctly.

| Hubszo commented over 1 year ago

Voted +1. This is really necessary. Sure you can convert to mkv but for 3D movies, ISO or Blu-ray structure is must.

| BinsonBuzz commented over 1 year ago

Sharing in case other people didn't realise this. I just imported a few isos using manual import - picked up the file quality as well

| ToXinE commented over 1 year ago

+1 i got much ISO of blueray disk ripped.

| triksmelb commented 11 months ago

Essential as 3D iso lose their functionality if converted to mp4/mkv.

| kiwijunglist commented 8 months ago

+1 iso & BDMV/TS_VIDEO is essential for those that like proper 3d releases.

Ltek commented 6 months ago

bumping this... sad the devs are ignoring this. I'm not sure why they dont care to support these decades old standards.

| ThomasDalla commented 4 months ago


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