Multi-user support

mgiljum asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 7 comments

mgiljum commented about 4 years ago

It would be great to have an option to give someone access to add movies to the monitored list (family members), instead of having to add it for them.

| farnots commented almost 4 years ago

Yeah agree, I don't want that my family can change settings (they could break my configuration)

| crawrj commented over 3 years ago

Yes I agree. A limited user who can only add movies would be great.

| D0ublek1ll commented almost 3 years ago

I also agree

ZTGallagher commented almost 3 years ago

Same. This would be a significant Quality of Life feature. Additionally, it would be great (even important) to select which movie locations they can add movies to.

blainekyle commented over 2 years ago

I concur. A large part of why I decided to recently try out Radarr was specifically for this reason. I'm going to let family have my main credentials to add for themselves for now, but I am worried about them breaking something. I'm buffering against potential damage by pointing Radarr at a different directory from my main library so at least they'll only be able to delete things that Radarr manages, which excludes the collection I've built up over the years.

| CostinGhiocel commented over 2 years ago

i'm sharing mine with a number of computer illiterate family members, a limited account would be great, or the ability to create accounts and mark who added what

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