Allow multiple versions of a single movie

desimaniac asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 31 comments

desimaniac commented almost 2 years ago

I would like to be able to download a 2GB RARBG movie and the traditional 8/9GB 1080p movie along with it so that my plex users can change the version to better suite their needs.

| SWu commented almost 2 years ago

This could also be useful for different re-releases of a movie, e.g. cinema release vs. director's cut.

| ChrisColotti commented about 1 year ago

mostly I want to maintain a 1080P copy and a UHD copy of the same movie in the same PLEX location so Plex can decide what version to serve up.

| eb98jdb commented about 1 year ago

I can't endorse this enough esp. to have a 1080 and 4k version of the same movie

NickBolles commented 12 months ago

I think an even better use case is a 3d version and non-3d version. Would love to have this!

| SirAce135 commented 12 months ago

I too would really like this feature as I have a lot of 10bit HDR 2160P files and would love to keep 1080p Remux files as well.

Thank You very much.

| justinhow commented 11 months ago

I agree would be great to have a 1080 and 4k version of the same movie for example.

| thejacer87 commented 11 months ago

ya i would like this too, need it for extended version, directors etc.... not sure why you guys want 4k and 1080 versions. can't plex transcode. i guess it just means you care less about the storage, or maybe ur server cant transcode as well.

doesn't really matter, either way, we all want the same thing, different version available :D

i made the issue in github here: https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/issues/2387#issuecomment-356385074

and referenced the naming convention that emby (and plex) uses: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming#multi-version-movies

| bassrock commented 11 months ago

This feature would be amazing for multiple editions as well as the 4k and 1080p versions. @thejacer87, most of us need to versions as the server isn't strong enough to transcode 4k UHD content for those that cant direct play.

| alex-w-k commented 11 months ago

Yeah as many people here said, I'd really love a 1080p and 4k version of each movie and have that be the cutoff, so the cutoff isn't met if BOTH aren't satisfied.

| jserdaru commented 11 months ago

Same here, NAS not powerful enough to transcode to Non direct play devices. Would love you be able to keep multiple (4K/1080p) versions. Also sees a use-case for multiple versions of the same movie (Director's cut etc.).

rpx91 commented 11 months ago

Same - I'd like to keep a 720p version for mobile use and streaming while the 2160p remux is for my 65" OLED.

greenembrace commented 10 months ago

Add my thumbs up on this as well. I have 10 versions of Alice in Wonderland with some in the same year.

| Endless01 commented 9 months ago

this would be nice for me as well i have old Disney movies in Norwegian in DVD format, i would like to keep them for my children but i would also have them in English for my own pleasure and collection in 1080p or 720p

| mirkan commented 9 months ago

+1 Please make this happen! :)

| robwala commented 9 months ago

This would be a great feature! +1

| designgears commented 8 months ago

+1 for this because hotio is so dramatic about it.

| spitcool commented 7 months ago

getting different star wars versions, and i can't create multiple entries and don't want radarr deciding which one i should trump

| marcel5454 commented 6 months ago

Is this a feature we will see in the foreseeable future?

| t-zone06 commented 6 months ago

Must have! For now i only use Radarr for UHD.

| hmdrmch commented 5 months ago

+1 for this!

| espenja commented 5 months ago

Almost renamed my Alien Directors Cut to Alien. Differentiating between different releases of a movie is a must. Please implement this feature. That being said, it doesn't look like TMDB differentiates between different releases either.

| e2zippo commented 5 months ago

Would also love to see this since I download both 4k for internal use and 1080p for Plex users!

peewee5 commented 4 months ago

+1 for this as UHD is becoming much more prevalent

spaceboy76 commented 4 months ago


edthepenguin commented 4 months ago

+1 for this as well. UHD for home, webrips for remote streams

| vb543 commented 4 months ago


| e2zippo commented 3 months ago

Would love to have this so I can have UDH for local playback and 1080p for my users!

| Blu-Haze commented about 2 months ago

This seems like it should be a pretty standard feature these days.

| Dulanic commented about 1 month ago

++ Server can't handle transcoding 4K for users.

| KrunchMuffin commented 21 days ago


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