Add rename subfolders and FirstLetter for first letter of title

mikeschutz asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 11 comments

mikeschutz commented about 4 years ago

To allow renaming into nested folders. E.g. "The Movie (2017)" could be stored in "M/Movie, The (2017)" with a template of "{Movie First}/{Movie TitleThe} ({Release Year})"

12nick12 commented about 4 years ago

This would be great especially since there's the automated scripts. I just went ahead and created an idividualy folder for the script and will rename manually.

| sebwelch commented almost 3 years ago

Any update on this ?

| rameshki commented over 2 years ago

Hey! Any traction on this one?

| armandom123 commented over 2 years ago

Would also love to have this!

| c01000100 commented almost 2 years ago

Same here. too many videos in a single movies folder takes too long to enumerate depending on the file browsing protocol. Had to break them into groups of folders with first letter of title. Would love for Radarr to be able to accommodate this structure. May be able to ditch filebot if this can be done.

| mcfalld commented over 1 year ago

Please implement this

| soapsud90 commented about 1 year ago

Please add this, it's a great feature idea

| jamauai commented 4 months ago

They said no 3 years ago. Curious what the answer is now.

| swannie-eire commented 4 months ago

Radarr lacking this feature is the reason i still use couchpotato.

all they really need to do is allow the first char of the Movie name to be parsed so something like this would work.

/{Movie.Title[0]}/{Movie Title} ({Release Year})

| rameshki commented about 1 month ago

Agreed, i'm still with Couchpotato and still hopeful the refactor of code is coming to allow this to happen.

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