Status indication for downloaded movie, but not full quality

jodfie asked for this feature 8 months ago — 8 comments

jodfie commented 8 months ago

request per edru: Can we make the green "downloaded" button in the status column a different color (orange?) when there is a version of the movie downloaded, but not the final quality.

ie. Have movie set to download in 4k, but has only downloaded 1080p, so downloaded button is orange (or whatever color).

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

I think changing the colors may be confusing with so many other colors already...

maybe just keep it green but change the tag. "Finished" or "Cut-off-met" maybe. i dont know. i support differentiating the cases.. just not sure of the best way to do it yet.

| geogolem commented 8 months ago

probably related to this: http://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+55

| magaman commented 7 months ago

I agree with the Op needs to be a different color to indicate it's not at best quality. I think adding more text would look worse then an additional color. Missing but not monitored should be gray, then that frees up the yellow.

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

i think it would be better to just put a checkmark ..

i.e. Downloaded with a nice looking checkmark.. would mean.. the full quality has been downloaded... without the checkmark would mean the full quality hasnt been downloaded... i think its better than the colour. because you might want to know this whether the movie is monitored or not i.e. gray with check mark means downloaded (full quality) but not monitored green with check mark means downloaded (full quality) but not monitored

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

might be better fit.. to put a checkmark in the Downloaded column.. where it actually specifies the downloaded quality..

| geogolem commented 7 months ago

or actually just make that column have different colours..

| walteroreilly commented 6 months ago

orange or yellow for downloaded but not final quality sounds like a great idea

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