Allow Setting Indexer Download Priority for Same Release on Multiple Indexers

testarea1 asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 9 comments

testarea1 commented about 4 years ago

For multiple indexers that post the same release around the same time, would prefer to give the download priority to a specific indexer in the case of the same file (like preferring the "no ratio" private tracker instead of a public one). The Couchpotato example is setting a user score per indexer so the higher score gets the download.

| HeroCC commented about 4 years ago

Good idea, something similar would be the Time / Ratio requirement in CP, it is useful for private trackers. Once the ratio or time is reached by the torrent client, CP removes it from the queue. It would be useful to have a similar feature in Radar.

| geogolem commented about 4 years ago

ya i think this would be useful...

| Quiksmage commented about 4 years ago

This would be great!

| kdizzay commented about 4 years ago

+1 'd, would be a great addition. Just an 'additional score' that you could assign per indexer that makes it take greater priority.

| lattedesu commented almost 4 years ago

+1 I'd love to give weight to indexers, this way I could prioritize my downloads from indexeres and assist radarr pick better releases.

nemchik commented almost 4 years ago

Just an FYI, you can use NZB Hydra for this. Add all of your indexers to Hydra and remove them from Radarr. Have Hydra as your only indexer in Radarr. Hydra will let you prioritize indexers exactly like you're describing.

For torrent indexers, add them all to Jackett and then add all your Jackett indexers to Hydra and you accomplish the same thing.

Hydra also gives you stats about which indexers you use the most.

nemchik commented almost 4 years ago

Additionally you can do the same thing I described above with Sonarr.

My Sonarr and Radarr both use only Hydra, and my download client determines the seed ratio but the media still gets imported while seeding because of the user hardlink feature (not sure how that plays on Windows, but it works amazing on Linux. Stop using Windows for media management! Lol)

| puerto-rico commented over 1 year ago

this feature is a must. this is like the point system in CP

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