Movie Folder Format should allow richer folder definitions - ie {Release Year}/{Movie Title} ({Release Year})

jessiebryan asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 5 comments

jessiebryan commented over 3 years ago

I would like each Movie to have it's movie year used as the parent folder then followed by the {Movie Title} ({Release Year}).


I, Robot (2004) would be saved in ${movie-root-folder}/2004/I, Robot (2004) if I set Movie Folder Format to: {Release Year}/{Movie Title} ({Release Year})

Currently the slash "/" is replaced with a + in the GUI - (regardless of Replace Illegal Characters value)

The root folder will not help in this scenario.

I don't need Radarr to make the movie year folder, which may help simply the work in Radarr.

| deadpool2099 commented over 2 years ago

Was try to do the same and saw the "+" that replaces "/", as I had all my movies stored in that way with Couchpotato. Hope they incorporate this into Radarr

| Rajackar commented about 2 years ago

This would help me too. I like to seperate by quality like 2160/movie title, that's also not working.

| Mushin commented almost 2 years ago

If this feature was implemented, I would use Radarr.

| Naesstrom commented almost 2 years ago

Agreed, trying to move over from CP but this is the one single feature that I'm missing!

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