Allow search within sub folders such as collections

helvete666 asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 5 comments

helvete666 commented about 2 years ago

Currently only allow for parent folder search /movies/ Allow for searching within /movies/collection/

| Kyrluckechuck commented about 1 year ago

Just to clarify, /collection/ would be a parameter of the collections name, more akin to // such as /Harry Potter Collection/, correct?

j2m2 commented 11 months ago

I have a main folder to movies and then a subfolder as genre as action, sci-fi and family. Radarr recognised that as movies

| brianieface commented 10 months ago

I have folder structure like this (which CP does support, but I'd like to migrate to radarr) :-

Movies\Movies (2018) Movies\Movies (2017)

Ideally if radarr could just be pointed at the Movies folder - it would recursively search through all sub folders.

THEN... On renaming I could set the format as Movies\Movies ({Release Year})

That would be absolutely excellent !

| brianieface commented 10 months ago

** Movies\Movies (2018)

Movies\Movies (2017)

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