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nibill asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 6 comments

nibill commented about 4 years ago

Similar to the "Series Type" option in Sonarr, you could select which category the movie is.

| chrisallen commented about 4 years ago

This would be awesome. It would allow you to tag a movie by it's language, and then filter on it later. Such as "English" and "Hindi"

| weirdcrap commented about 4 years ago

If this "category support" includes Couch's ability to define a category (essentially a label) and have anything in that category be sorted in to a different folder then I am in. That's one of the only things I still miss about couch.

| glardian commented about 4 years ago

Like @weirdcrap mentioned, if this means Couch's ability to define category labels and corresponding folders, I'm all for it. In Couch, I currently have my regular category and a "Kids" category that goes to a completely separate folder and is imported to a different section in Plex. This ability in Radarr would be wonderful. I could fully make the switch then.

| glardian commented about 4 years ago

An update since my earlier comment - I realized that what I want is already possible. When you add a movie, Radarr asks for the Path. This is where it goes after download/processing. I can simply pick my movies path or my kids movies path to put movies in different folders. I've been doing this in Sonarr for a couple years and totally derped when trying to get Radarr to do it. I was thinking inside the CP box I guess.

@weirdcrap, I believe this is the functionality you are looking for.

onedr0p commented about 4 years ago

Not really needed, just use different root folders.

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