Move movies even if they are not on the list

jpborjas asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 6 comments

jpborjas commented over 4 years ago

When I added a movie to SABnzbd for manual download, Radarr never picked it up when finished, and I was told that it only looks for movies that it is looking for, that it knows of. If I need to do that, it adds an extra step that is really unnecessary. Couch Potato does it like a service, movie I see in there, I'm renaming and moving over. This is more aggravating when I learned that I needed to use the Drone Factory Folder for that, but when I tried it, it has to be a folder other that the "from" folder for Radarr.

Right now I have Couch Potato on, just to move over my "one offs".

| morpheus2n2 commented over 4 years ago

I would like to see this to, but the only problem there my be is I don't have just the one folder for my movies, there separated out so I have things like "Disney, Kids films, Horror etc" so I think what would be handy is it can move them to a "Default folder" and when you next open Raddar you get some sort of notification or popup saying Film X imported to Default, Save or Move. You can then just "Save to leave where it is" or Move to have it moved to the folder of choice.

As currently I have CP moving randoms to a folder called "Films to sort" I then go to Raddar and "Add Movie" then to "Wanted" then "Manual import" before its then finally added to Plex. As you can see far to many steps lol

| geogolem commented over 4 years ago

i just have mine setup in this way:

the following categories are setup in nzbget series --> sonarr uses this movies ---> radarr uses this series-dronefactory --> for when i manually add downloads to nzbget movies-dronefactory ---> for when i manually add movies

I have a $seriesunprocessed and $moviesunprocessed folder on my z:\ drive...

inside the $seriesunprocessed directory there is a $dronefactory directory, likewise inside $moviesunprocessed there is a $dronefactory directory..

nzbget puts stuff with series category into $seriesunprocessed it puts stuff with series-dronefactory category into $seriesunprocessed/$dronefactory

similar for movies..

sonarr and radarr will pick up everything appropriately.. at least in my experience.

| geogolem commented over 4 years ago

so i dont htink a feature really needs to be implemented to handle this, but rather perhaps better documentation or explanation... because it works totally fine.. and it makes sense to have them separate because radarr has alot more information about stuff it knoiws about than stuff that is just sitting in a folder.

jknight2014 commented about 4 years ago

The difference I think in the Drone factory is, it will only import a movie from that location if it's in your wanted list. Where as couchpotato will import any movie it finds. I like the Drone being seperate from the auto folders as I think it will reduce errors and keep things cleaner. My sonarr flow now is:

sabNZBd (Category "Manual TV") --> /manual/TV/ --> Sonarr Drone set to /manual/TV/ --> episodes get imported.

So its really only 2 steps. Add Show to sonarr and send nzb to SAB. I only use this for downloading whole seasons or whole series rather then having 100+ downloads.

| threesquared commented almost 2 years ago

This is the only feature stoping me moving from CouchPotato. I often download movies directly into my torrent client when browsing torrent sites. CP picks up anything that it can which is downloaded and then imports and renames it.

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