Telegram bot for adding movies

dJos1991 asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 4 comments

dJos1991 commented almost 4 years ago

I would like to have this future, so that we can add movies from Telegram. I was using it with CouchPotato, but i want to switch to Radarr. Here is the link to the one for Couchpotato: https://github.com/onedr0p/telegram-couchpotato-bot

| onedr0p commented almost 4 years ago

The best way to add this would be to fork the Sonarr bot and change it to work with the Radarr API which is very similar to Sonarr. Unfortunately... I do not use Telegram anymore, but if some peeps want to pool some cash I can write it. ;)


| schumi2004 commented almost 4 years ago

how much?

| onedr0p commented almost 4 years ago

This is outside the scope of radarr, we'll need to have someone implement it.

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