Add BluRay Remux as a Quality

Crowley007 asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 5 comments

Crowley007 commented about 4 years ago

Currently, Radarr seems to think that a 10-15Gb re-compressed file is the same quality as a 28GB direct remux.

Of course you can force radarr to download only remuxes using tags, but I think it would be beneficial to be able to upgrade lower quality release to a remux.

| bazbjzy commented about 4 years ago

Agreed. There are some movies (talkers) where I don't care if it's a Remux. For other types of movies (mostly Action/Adventure) I try to grab exclusively Remux. This is one thing I can do in CP that is holding me back from switching over completely. Thanks!

| simonk83 commented about 4 years ago

Yep this would be handy. Personally I'd grab a regular 1080 first, but would prefer Radarr keep searching for a Remux after that, so a new quality would be perfect.

| henrikrox commented about 4 years ago

Would love this, now it treads 1080p 10gb files the same as 30gb remux. would love to first download a 1080p then keep searching for remux (not br-disk)

| onedr0p commented about 4 years ago

This has been added, watch out for the next pre-release!

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