Select Tag when adding a movie

Crowley007 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 7 comments

Crowley007 commented over 3 years ago

Currently when adding a movie, I have be careful NOT to "add and search" (just add), select the tag in the movie settings and then search. I think it would be much simpler to select the tag directly in the add dialogue.

fedoranimus commented over 3 years ago

What "tag" are you referring to? The quality profile?

Crowley007 commented over 3 years ago

The ones you set on the indexers page for required/not allowed words.

Crowley007 commented over 3 years ago

To be more clear, I would like to set the tag on the same page you select the profile when adding a movie, for reasons I stated on the first post. It would make the process of adding a movie much quicker and straight forward and I could use "add and search".

| chuccck commented over 2 years ago

Yes, please add this. I added a bunch of movies and it was a pain to go back and add each tag.

samsepiol59 commented about 2 years ago

On top of this, automatic tags would be fantastic! I have a telegram profile set up, I'd love for that tag to be attached automatically to every movie I add to radarr!

| YarmoM commented over 1 year ago

In the exact same boat as @samsepiol59, therefore tags (and even better, autotags) are a must!

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