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texiun asked for this feature about 4 years ago — 6 comments

texiun commented about 4 years ago

Specifically for "Popular Movies Imports the top titles of movies that have been in theaters. Script provided by Steven Lu" Is there any chance at all this can be setup to automatically add movies much the same as CP does? Set the required profile etc.

| Foebik commented about 4 years ago

Absolutely! This is the one big hurdle I have from making the switch from CouchPotato, is not having this option.

Example of it in Action: http://movies.stevenlu.com/

GIT download: https://github.com/sjlu/popular-movies

| Foebik commented about 4 years ago

Looks like this is already being worked on, Yay!


galli-leo commented about 4 years ago Admin

This is already in the latest nightly branch :)

| samtrois commented about 4 years ago

Any chance of a chrome extension to easily add movies while browsing IMDB, similar to the CP extension. Ideally a 1 click option to add. Maybe this could be done by a 3rd party?

grubbe123 commented about 4 years ago

Just add the movie to your imdb watchlist and add that RSS to lists in radarr. Then it Will add all The movies you add to that watchlist in radarr 😊

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